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Current sponsorships

Bonna Ekri

Gino (Dimeka) from Kara, graduate of the Hawassa University, College of Law & Governance, is attending a summer school in Arba Minch in the field of family law. In 2016, we supported him for the first time in this three-month university course.

Bonna from Kara already attended 6th grade in Jinka and was financially and ideally supported by a friend who has worked for many years in Ethiopia. At a very young age he came from Kara to Jinka, he was only 12 years old. A completely strange and unreal world for a child from the Omo area. Together with an older student from his home town, he took a room and was one of the best students of his class. After this sponsorship ended, Bonna had no choice but to go back to Kara. A life in Jinka has to be paid, housing, food, school fees – all this has now become impossible. In Kara he lived with his aunt. His mother died when he was about 7 years old, his father a few years later. Although he found a loving foster-mother in his aunt, he wanted to shape his future very early on. For us a great happiness to find a new sponsor for him. With enthusiasm, he immediately set off for Jinka’s schoolmates and went to continue the Primary School there.​

Gino Fora

Dunga Batum Nakuwa

Dunga (Dimeka) from Kara has already gone a long way of training. After completing his 12th grade, he completed his academic degree with a diploma in law at the university. He is now attending a training seminar for international criminal law at Arba Minch University for a period of 3-5 months a year, with the aim of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Dunga is also officially our volunteer contact, as well as thesupervisor and caretaker of the sponsorships in Ethiopia and in his function of immeasurable value for us. He takes over the distribution of the donations and informs us about the developments and situation on the ground.

Turgo Morfa

Turgo is Hamar and knows how to combine his cultural values ​​and interest school education. In his five years of schooling for now, he often insisted on taking part in his traditional Hamar clothing and risking even a warning. Currently he is supported by us in his further education at Dimeka Primary & Elementary School.

Lale Alko 

Lale Alko Lale (Kara / Dus) has finished his 7th grade and is now supported by a sponsorship to continue his school. He goes to school in Jinka, close enough to the Kara settlement area to visit his family on a regular basis.

Nakuwa Bacha

Nakuwa (Kara / Chälette) finished his 10th grade in Arba Minch and is now attending college in Jinka. At the end of 2016, he married his Kara wife but will continue his education in Jinka anyway.

Natenael Arba 

Natenael (Kara / Labuk) has finished his 10th grade and is now supported to visit the Preparatory School in Jinka and master the 11th and 12th grades.

Sucessful Sponsorships

Shauki Dore

Shauki was supported by a sponsorship to attend Primary School in Jinka. She was one of the few girls of Kara that had the chance to attend education above the 4th grade. After finishing her Primary School she returned to Kara to use her education to work as the first female, local guide in her community. We wish Shauki for her future all the best and continue to pursue her development​.

Fora Harmo

Fora (Kara) was supported by a sponsorship to join a six-month driving license, which he successfully completed in April 2016. The driving license improved its chances on the labor market enormously. Fora decided against college after finishing his school and had other plans for his future. Just becoming a father, he knew the urgency of providing income for his small family. He saw the best chances and happy prospects for the future as a driver. With this he recognized exactly the situation in southern Ethiopia. The asphalted road network is increasing every month, businesses, investors, project areas settle down and search for local drivers. To speak one of the so diverse local languages ​​as well can be only an advantage. KINKA e.V. was convinced and supported him six months by a sponsorship to acquire his driving license. Due to the rare competence he could acquire, he found a good job as a driver in a road construction company immediatelly.


A schooling in the urban centers of southern Ethiopia cost a total of about 45 € per month. This includes school fees, school materials, catering, accommodation and a trip home during the school holidays. It is absolutelly possible to divide one sponsorship among several interested parties.

Once or twice a year Nadine Brückner provides as a tour guide the opportunity to visit the ethnic groups in southern Ethiopia and thereby to get to know the godchilds personally. More information about the next trip to Ethiopia will follow shortly.

Medical supplies

In Kara as well as in the surrounding groups there are specialists who are well skilled in herbalism and tradional cures and are able to treat many diseases. In acute cases, however, hospitalization is essential. In such cases our association would like to provide emergency aid, which includes and provides the patients transport, treatment and the accomodation in the hospital. Monthly we receive inquiries that we cover , depending on the needs and possibilities .